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Where does time go?
Time for Change
Don't call it a come back! ;)
Protect your Brain


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Where does time go?

Wow.  I have an almost 2 year little boy.  It's incredible, overwhelming, tiring (exhausting, really), exhilarating and truly, truly amazing.  I have been extremely busy being pregnant, preparing for birth, the actual act and recovering!  Then, it was trying to juggle a full time job, baby at home, housework and keeping the family on track for lifetime success.
I did endless research prior to delivering my healthy baby boy.  I was terrified that I was going to be a horrible, uninformed and ineffective mother.

Time for Change

We are now well in to October.  Fall has entered the atomosphere and the core of our beings.  Here in Silver Spring, MD the air is much cooler, but the days are still filled with sunshine. 
Sunshine makes me very happy!  My body has already started craving warming meals; chili, soup, root vegetables, etc.  Last night my house smelled of the curry we cooked and served with a wonderful protein packed grain: quinoa.  It was so delicious!  Filled with onion, fresh ginger and garlic, indian spices like cumin, coriander, garam masala along with the classic sea salt pepper combo.

Don't call it a come back! ;)

Hey Hey!
Thank you everyone for your comments and remarks.  I truly appreciate every one of them.  My life has been (to sum it up) insane!!  I love the journey I have been on for the last bit.  Things were uprooted, flipped over, seeds planted... then finally a harvest!  I appreciate all the patience, and I promise to bring all up to speed with healthy tips tricks, highlights and commentary along way.

It is now September, the re-birth if you will.  Kids are off to a new school year and adults are gearing up for some cooler weather.


Last time we left off discussing digestion and it's importance and why.  Immunity is another very important topic and it also plays in with digestion.  Immunity starts with the gut. 
Did you know that 90% of the cells in the human body are bacteria that live in the gut?  It is this bacteria that determines our health and well-being.  Lack of this intestinal flora can end in systemic (body wide) infections and chronic diseases (colon cancer, cancers, diverticulitis, etc.

Protect your Brain

We all have been affected by diseases of the brain.  Alzheimer's/Dementia and Parkinson's disease are on the rise here in the United States.  This is a frustrating, confusing and extremely "unfair" disease to be affected by directly or indirectly.  There is a definite connection rising to the surface of current research between certain foods and dietary choices and these awful diseases.  One of the offenders is cooking oil.  Particularly those often seen in baked goods, salad dressing, condiments, snack foods and candies.

Digestion is key

I often get asked what the key to health is.  I have a quick simple answer:  Proper digestion.  Sounds simple right?  Well, it is- once you get the hang of it!  To really understand this, there must be some type of background knowledge of the body and organ systems in general.  For all intensive purposes, I will try to keep this plain and simple.  How does one go about obtaining optimal health?  Through optimal nutrition of course!  However, one must be conscientious not only to what they eat, but how, when and how much to eat.

Attitude IS everything

Lately I've been pretty down, I wouldn't go as far as to say I was depressed-but definitely down in the dumps.  When you are (me! when I am...) down, it's so hard to see the good things- to see that sliver of sunshine beaming through the clouds (one of my favorite things in the world!).  Everything is dark, dismal-cloudy...
All it takes is one thing, one nice comment, seemingly out of nowhere to perk you right up.  At least for me that is what it took :)  Really, that one comment seemingly pulled me straight up from the "gutter" and created somewhat of a spiraling effect straight in to positivity.

Green Smoothie Revitalization!

Spring has definitely sprung here in the DC area (DMV! as we say here...) and OH how I enjoy it!  One thing that has been springing up all over the internet an TV lately is talk of Green Smoothies and how good they are for you.  Green smoothies are definitely VERY good for everyone's health.  It's a great way to sneak in green vegetables, especially if you are one that isn't big on eating loads of vegetables (especially green leafy ones) normally.  Green smoothies have almost turned in to a fad from all the attention I'm seeing on these wonderful concoctions.

Finally Spring!

The weather is finally turning around and offering some nice Spring weather!  I have noticed many changes in the air and landscape.  The trees are blossoming, flowers are poking up and out from their dormant state, and everything is alive and flourishing. 
With this turn of events, let us contemplate the change going on with in ourselves too.  Our bodies are going through a change with the season too.  Fall and winter increases our need for warming, nourishing foods like root vegetables, nuts, seeds and increased fat content to help aid the body with insulation and fat for the colder weather to come.

Easter Weekend!

This Saturday morning is bright, sunny, and beautiful.  The assorted seedlings in front of my living room windows are very happy with all this love from the sun!  I am very excited for warm weather... the faint degree of warmth my living room is receiving from the sun is intoxicating :) Spring is all about new growth and new beginnings.  Start your spring off on the right foot. 

Sugar is one of the gravest attributes to ill health.  Refined Cane Sugar literally deteriorates the body, to spare you all the details -check out more details