Nutritional Consulting
Get help with aches, pains, headaches, weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, chronic medical conditions, skin issues, digestive issues (indigestion, bloating, gas, etc.) shakiness, dizziness, fainting, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstrual cycles, chest pains, back and extremity (arms/legs) pain, teeth clenching/grinding, periodontal (gum) disease, receding gums/ gum problems and so many more!  All of these concerns can be addressed, greatly aided, and many times reversed through sound nutritional and lifestyle modifications or habits. 

Organic, Local Healthy Food Delivery
Don't have much time to prepare healthy meals for you and your loved ones?  Whether it's once a month, daily or weekly all of your healthy meal plans can be executed with my help!  Healthy, wholesome, healing, scrumptious dishes to choose from.  Pair it with nutritional considerations and you have an accelerated healing plan :) 
Order your healthy food for delivery today.  Visit here for ordering.  
Please send orders via the email address provided and include "Vegan Order" in the subject line. 

Cooking Demonstrations/ Classes
Classes are offered on a scheduled basis by appointment.  Offerings include: in home personal chef guidance, group classes at a convenient location to all parties, family and couples live, live-web or total email guidance with step by step instructions (and live call help available) cooking classes.  Please contact me for more details or to schedule a group/family/couple demo or class.

Healthy Pure Products
Are you tired of trying to find pure and healthy products for your home and body?  I know I certainly was at my wits end searching for non toxic products to use for myself and my body.  REMEMBER that your skin is the largest organ of the body.  This means anything you put on your skin goes straight in to your body!  No toxic chemicals or poisons for me in my body, so I started making my own products.  Try them out, they smell, feel and work great and are ALL NATURAL and SAFE for everyday consumption! 

Shea Butter: the BEST skin moisturizer I have ever come across, all natural and keeps my skin soft, smooth and fully moisturized!  Full of vitamins that help the skin!

Cocoa Butter: Great smelling pure moisturizer, great for reducing, preventing and moisturizing scars.  This is a lighter moisturizer, I use it on my face and in areas of my body with lots of scars (surgery and acne scars).  

Deodorant: This is a solid deodorant and works all day.  Keeps you dry and smelling great while moisturizing the sensitive skin under the arms.  Made from organic, pure oils, light moisturizers, odor blockers and probiotics.  The underarms house millions of important pores that soak up anything like a sponge.  This makes it SO important to concern yourself with what is put directly on/in this area.  

Body Spray/Room Refresher:  Everyone likes a wonderful body spray to freshen up a bit every now and then, before going out or after a nice bath or shower.  This all natural spray made with organic, pure oils and ingredients.  It smells great, is light, fresh and works for a multitude of uses.  Don't settle for artificial smelling products full of toxins and poisons, use this great smelling all natural mood elevating spray!