Natural Beginnings Daycare
933 Gist Ave.
Silver Spring, MD

Kieran Sante is pleased to announce there is a healthy daycare getting ready to launch in the Fall of 2017!  This is the first of its kind: a full service Healthy daycare (4 months to 4 year old) in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Right outside of our nation's capital, close to downtown Takoma Park, Bethesda and not too far from Virginia.  Metro and Bus accessible.

Healthy meals and snacks prepared daily in house nutritionally tailored especially for growing babies, toddlers and children that are delicious and fun!  Check out a menu for the daycare.  Children will also have exposure to quiet/meditation times, aromatherapy, gardening and their dental needs will be met through in house dental visits. This state of the art daycare is outfitted with video surveillance in every room keeping kids safe and allowing parents to see their kids going about their day at any time of the day!

Children are our most prized possession.  Children are the future, we have all heard this going through life, but it is very powerful.  If the children of today are strong, nurtured and nutritionally balanced from the beginning an awful lot of hardships may be avoided.  Life can get tough as we travel through it.  Children need to learn and develop but why put educational stresses on them?  NB daycare focuses on learning through play.  A play based curriculum allows the child to learn and develop with out even knowing it!

Please check out Mynaturalbegininngs.com for more details!